Christmas Competition: "Mundl" Puzzle Picture

Participation in the competition held by the "German in Austria” Language Centre, hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer", is free of charge and is governed exclusively by the Terms of Participation and Privacy which are set out below. By actively and voluntarily participating in the competition, the participant confirms that they have read and understood this Privacy Policy and accept it fully. If you have any questions about the competition or about the Participation and Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone (+43) 463 241 80. The "German in Austria” Language Centre Team wishes you good luck (Universitätsstraße 65 - 67, A-9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee).


1.0. Terms of Participation

1.1. In order to participate actively in the competition, it is necessary to be a fan of our Facebook page "Learn German in Austria" and to place a comment below the photo of the competition ("Mundl" puzzle picture). The participant can win with their comment only if they call the correct number of all "Mundl's" (mascots of the Language Center German in Austria), which are hidden in the puzzle picture. Participation is only permitted for eligible persons (see point 2) and within the participation period (see point 3).

1.2. Each eligible person may participate once only. It is strictly forbidden to use multiple Facebook profiles to increase your chances of winning. Participation with fake/misleading identities or identities from third parties is also strictly prohibited. Furthermore, it is not permitted to mark friends, followers and/or subscribers in connection with this competition. Submitted comments may not violate any rights of third parties or present inappropriate content - see point 6. Participation via the involvement of third parties, such as lottery agencies, is excluded. In all these cases, including point 6 (Conduct and Responsibilities), the organizer reserves the right, at its own discretion, to exclude persons from participation and to subsequently withdraw or recover prizes.

1.3. Participation is not limited to customers of the organizer and is not linked to the purchase of a good or service.


2.0. Eligibility

2.1. Eligible persons are individuals who have reached the age of 18 at the time of their participation.

2.2. Persons involved in the conception and implementation of the competition, as well as employees of the organizer, their family members and the companies associated with the organizer or the prize, are not eligible to participate.


3.0. Participation Period (and possible premature termination)

3.1. The duration of the competition extends from the time of posting (Puzzle picture) to 6th January 2018, 24:00. During this period, all eligible persons will have the opportunity to actively participate in the competition via Facebook. Submissions received after the deadline (i.e. comments below the puzzle picture) will not be considered in the prize draw.

3.2. The organizer explicitly reserves the right to terminate the competition prematurely, or to modify it within the participation period without prior notice and without notification of reasons. This applies in particular to any reason that interferes with or prevents the planned course of the competition, such as infection of computers with viruses, errors in software and/or hardware and/or other technical and/or legal reasons, which affect the administration, security, integrity and/or regular and orderly conduct of the competition.

4.0. Prize Draw and Notification

4.1. Participants have a chance to win a three-week German intensive language course worth € 632 (see point 7). The winning person is randomly drawn by using the software "". The prize will be issued exclusively to the winner, meaning that a transfer to a third party is not possible. Cash payment of the prize or exchanges of any kind are not possible. The winner may renounce the prize if they so wish.

4.2. Any costs incurred for the delivery of the prize shall be borne by the organizer. Additional costs associated with the use of the prize (e.g. travel costs to the course location, meals, etc.) shall be borne by the winner.

4.3. The organizer reserves the right to exchange the products/services offered as the prize at any time, even without stating reasons, for equal or higher value products/services.

4.4. The winning person is promptly linked with their Facebook name on our Facebook page "Learn German in Austria" in a "Winner entry”, whereby the winning person gets a message under their "Notifications". The winning person in this case has a duty to notify, since the organizer is not legally allowed to contact the winning person via a private message on Facebook. The winning person will also be asked for confirmation in the "Winner's entry" to our e-mail address The confirmation must include the following information: personal data (first name, surname, postal address, email address and age) and must verify that these are truthful/correct - see point 5, Data Protection. The prize will be transferred exclusively as a voucher delivered by post. If the specified postal address is incorrect or invalid, the organizer is not obliged to investigate correct addresses. The disadvantages resulting from the provision of incorrect or invalid contact data are at the expense of the winner.

4.5. If the winner does not respond within two weeks after receiving two confirmation requests, the prize will be re-drawn. If, in this case too, no confirmation from the winner is given within a period of two weeks and after two requests, the prize will be forfeited in full.

4.6. The winner agrees that, in the event of a win, their first name and the first letter of their surname may be published in the advertising media used by the organizer (the organizer’s website and social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram), also beyond the end of the duration of the competition. Participants automatically consent to this by actively taking part in the competition.


5.0. Data Protection

5.1. No personal data must be provided for the participation in the competition. However, the provision and processing of personal data (first name, surname, postal address, email address, age and Instagram account name) will be required for the purpose of dispatching the prize to the winner.

5.2. The winner expressly agrees that the personal data (first name, surname, postal address, email address and age) provided by them, as well as their Facebook account name, will be used for the purpose of dispatching the prize and be stored electronically or physically archived and processed for a further seven years (according to the legal retention period). This data will be deleted after these seven years. The data used for the purpose of dispatching the prize will not be used for the purpose of sending advertising unless it is desired by the winner, and this can only be done by separate and voluntary consent. The data gathered will be used exclusively by the organizer and stored on a secure internal server belonging to the organizer (Austria/European Union).

5.3. The organizer notes that no personal data of the winner will be passed on to third parties without consent, nor will they be handed over for use. An exception shall be made for the social media platforms related to the implementation of the competition, which process/save data in their own interest without the intervention of the organizer (see point 7).

5.4. The winner can revoke their declared consent at any time. The revocation must be addressed in writing to the contact details found in the imprint of the organizer’s website After revoking consent, the stored personal data of the winner will be deleted immediately. Participants have the right to receive information about their data and to request the correction and/or deletion hereof.


6.0. Conduct and Responsibilities

6.1. The use of the competition is for private purposes only. Neither the competition, nor the content transmitted or produced therewith (in whole or in part) may be used by the participating persons or third parties in the course of business. Participants may not offer the use of the prize, the contents transported or produced therewith, access to the websites or their content to third parties either for remuneration or as part of sponsored services, nor may they use the contents of the websites or the content created with the competition, distribute it or keep it available for sale or any other commercial use. The competition must not be altered, edited, decompiled (not even by reverse engineering), stored or reproduced. However, the sharing of the competition (i.e. the participant’s entry) is allowed.

6.2. The organizer is not obliged to check the comments made by the participants for potential violations of the rights of third parties. The organizer is entitled to refuse content if, after a proper assessment, the content is unlawful or offends common decency.

6.3. In all these cases, the organizer reserves the right, at its own discretion, to exclude persons from participation and to subsequently revoke or reclaim prizes (see point 1).


7.0. Disclaimer

7.1. The organizer excludes any warranty and liability for the participating persons and third parties concerning claims related to the competition. For the winner, the general terms and conditions on our website also apply additional, if the winner redeems the prize and thus concludes a contract with the organizer. Before redeeming the prize, only these participation and privacy policies apply to the winner.

7.2The organizer assumes no liability for any technical difficulties affecting the result of the competition or participation in the competition. Furthermore, the organizer is not liable for erroneous information that is generated by participating persons and/or third parties, their hardware and/or software and that is essential for or related to the competition - see point 4.

7.3. The recipient of the information provided by the participants is not Facebook, but the organizer as operator of the Facebook fan page “Learn German in Austria”. Likewise, this competition is not in any way affiliated with, sponsored, actively supported or organized Facebook.

7.4. In addition to these conditions of participation, the relationship between the organizer and the participants is determined by the participation and privacy policies of Facebook. Participants may not assert claims against Facebook arising in connection with their participation in the competition. All inquiries and comments regarding the competition must be directed to the organizer and not to Facebook.


8.0. Applicable Law and Severability Clause

8.1. Excluding the conflict of laws rules, this contract is governed exclusively by Austrian law. Place of jurisdiction shall be the competent court of the state capital Klagenfurt am Wörthersee. The organizer is also entitled to sue participating persons at a general place of jurisdiction.

8.2. Should a provision be or become wholly or partially ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder. In place of the invalid provision, the legally permissible provision, which comes closest to the meaning and purpose expressed in the ineffective provision, shall apply. The same applies in the event of the existence of a regulatory loophole in these participation and data protection provisions.