General Information

What is the preparatory course program for supplementary examinations (VAAU)?

The preparatory course program for supplementary examinations at the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt has the purpose of preparing international university applicants for the supplementary examination of German language competence (Art. 63 par. 10 and 11 of the 2002 University Law (UG) as well as supplementary exams in other disciplines (Art. 64 par. 2) and to administer these tests. The course program preparing for the supplementary German exam provides the language skills required to make successful progress in university studies, as set out in Art. 63 par. 10. The courses preparing candidates for exams in other subject matters focus on the essential contents and standards of the Austrian school leaving exams, so as to guarantee that candidates have achieved a level equivalent to that of the national school leaving certificate, as foreseen by Art. 64 par. 2 of the University Law.

Who can participate in the preparatory course program?

Admission is open – provided there are places – to all those who fulfill the following requirements:

  • Valid Letter of Admission issued by the Alpen-Adria-University of Klagenfurt 
  • Registration and acceptance as listener within the set admission deadline
  • Full payment of required course fees as well as of additional costs (Austrian Student Union contribution) by the fixed deadline 
  • Participation in a placement test at the beginning of the semester (only for newly registered candidates and excluding absolute beginners)

Course Objectives

The preparatory course program offers prospective students whose mother tongue is not German courses geared to international language competence levels following the guidelines of the European Council and the learning objectives of the European language portfolio.

Placement Test and Determination of Level

It is possible to follow three parts (consisting of 3 weeks, respectively 72 tuition hours each) per semester. Participants are administered a placement test at the beginning of the semester and assigned to courses according to their level. The test consists of an oral part (an interview with our instructors) and a written part.

Course Structure

Each semester the following courses are offered:



Target Level

Detailed Description of Competences




Students without previous knowledge:  The students can understand and produce familiar, common expressions and simple sentences. They are able to introduce themselves and others, and to question their counterparts about themselves. Basic understanding is possible when the conversation partner speaks slowly and clearly. 



Students with limited previous knowledge:  The students can make themselves unterstood in a basic way when dealing with common topics using simple phrases and sentences. Basic structures are expanded and consolidated.



Students with elementary previous knowledge: The students can participate in simple, moderately routine situations, dealing with simple and direct exchange of information regarding common and familiar things. They understand the essentials from short, clear, and simple messages and announcements. The can read and write basic texts.




Students with moderately advanced knowledge: The students are able to understand main points when clear "standard speech" is used. They can express themselves and understand current events or topics dealing with their occupation or areas of interest. They can produce simple, connected sentences to describe experiences and events and provide brief reasons or explanations. 



Students with advanced knowledge: The students can manage most communication situations and participate without preparation in conversations which deal with common topics or current events. They understand texts written in everyday or job-related language and can express their opinions and plans with short explanations and reasons. They can reproduce stories and their meaning and add their own opinion in simply-worded summaries.




Students with independent knowledge: The students can manage most communication situations and participate without preparation in conversations which deal with demanding topics or current events. They understand texts written in challenging or job-related language and can express their opinions and plans in greater detail and greater sophistication while providing more complex reasons. They can reproduce stories and their meaning and add their own opinion in simply-worded summary responses.



Students with independent knowledge: The students can understand more lengthy monologues and lectures and follow more complex argumentation. They can compose clear and detailed texts on a range of topics within their area of interest, report information accurately and advance their own point of view. They can make themselves understood spontaneously and fluently, participate actively in discussions and support and defend their own position.




Students with complex knowledge: The students command the spectrum of the language in its complexity and can therefore also understand implicit meaning and connections and recognize stylistic differences. They can easily, spontaneously, and fluidly understand and contribute longer, complex discussion points even with challenging topics. They incorporate complex grammatical structures, command a sophisticated vocabulary, and paraphrase easily to create clear, detailed, and structured texts about complex subjects which seamlessly include their own argumentative positions.

Info Attention: A valid admission letter issued by the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt is required for enrollment in the University Preparation Course (VAAU). 

Info Please note that the admission deadlines of the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt apply

Info Please contact the admission office directly for details on deadlines and for information on the application process for regular studies.

Info For regular studies at the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt level B2/b respectively C1 (for specific fields of study) according to CEF (Common European Framework) is required. Your admission letter states in which time frame you will need to demonstrate that your language knowledge is sufficient. 

Info If you are registering for the first time, you will have to take the placement test to allow us to determine your current language level (unless you are an absolute beginner, in which case lessons will start right away). If you are registering for a consecutive semester, we will usually assign you to the appropriate class based on the last level you have achieved.

Download our PDF brochure (it is in both, German and English).

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