German Online Training

The German Training Program (Free Open Course Ware) has been developed in cooperation between the Klagenfurt university's e-learning department and the language center "Deutsch in Österreich". It comprises training units for grammar and vocabulary, as well as a comprehensive collection of texts with a number of audio samples.

  • If you're interested in improving your German language knowledge independently or
  • if you're attending a German course right now and want to practice additionally on your own or
  • if you're a German teacher who would like to encourage pupils to get involved with the language independently, this is the right place to go:

Go to the program's homepage and select the chapter that either reflects your own language level or the level you would like to work on. You can now choose one of the learning areas and select from a large number of different training units:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Texts
  • Audio-Fitness (audio samples)
  • Audio texts
  • Tests published and designed by the ÖSD (Austrian Language Diploma)

We wish you a lot of success and fun using the program and are at your disposal for any questions or suggestions you might have.

eLearning-Department | Language Center "DiÖ"

Dr. G. Frankl, Dr. R. Saxer, Mag. S. Zederbauer

Info Dr. G. Frankl, Dr. R. Saxer and Mag. S. Zederbauer - the program's creators. Prof. Dr. R. Saxer, former chairman of "Deutsch in Österreich" and scientific head of the semester course program "German as a foreign and second language".