ÖIF exam dates + registration

Registration information

We offer exam dates for all exams offered by the ÖIF. The deadline for registering for an exam is one week before the exam date (12:00 a.m. on day of deadline). If the deadline for an exam date is not met, registration is no longer possible, without exception. In this case you should consult the webpage of the Austria Integration Fund to find exam dates offered by other exam centres.

Candidates are admitted to the exam on condition that they:
1) have paid they exam fee in full; 2) have presented a copy of their passport or other valid official identity card with photograph*; 3) have presented a copy of their registration slip.

*Residence permit, personal ID card, driver's licence, decision for beneficiaries of subsidiary protection under §51 of the Asylum Law (white card) and procedure card under §50 of the Asylum Law (green card).

Please bring your ID to the exam!
Candidates without a valid official ID with photo cannot sit the exam.

If candidates do not pass one part of the language exam (oral/written) or a part of the integration exam (oral/written/value contents), they receive a certificate with the mark “failed”. Candidates may take the exam as often as they wish. It is not possible, however, to repeat only parts of the exam. When registering to take the exam again, candidates should include the certificate with negative result from the previous exam(s).

Exams last (depending upon the level) from one to three hours.

Exam results will be available no sooner than three weeks following the exam date. Only the ÖIF is informed of the exam results. As soon as the results are available, exam certificates are sent by mail to the address which was given on the registration form.

ÖSD exams

Info All of our German courses serve as preparation for the different ÖIF exams.

 For the preparation for the Integration test (including value contents and orientation knowledge) ÖIF offers a free App “My integration in Austria” as well as a free portfolio with the same name. The App kann be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play.

ÖIF Exam Dates - March 2018

Integrationsprüfung A2

Integrationsprüfung B1

Date Level / Exam Info Deadline Fee Registration
17.03.2018 Integrationsprüfung A2 Required to fulfill Module 1 of the Integration Agreement 2017 
17.03.2018 – at 09:00 a.m
Room: I.1.42 
10.03.2018 € 120,00 Register
21.03.2018 Integrationsprüfung B1 Required to fulfill Module 2 of the Integration Agreement 2017
21.03.2018 – at 1:00 p.m.
Room: n.n.
14.03.2018 € 130,00 Register