Austrian Language Diploma: ÖSD KID

For children and teenagers from the age of 10 to 14, the Austrian Language Diploma offers two exams. If you are interested in these exams, that is to say, if you would like your pupils to complete the course with these exams, please let us know. 

For further information, also concerning other ÖSD-exams, we are at your complete disposal.

A1 KID1  Fee €
A1 Kompetenz in Deutsch 1 is an elementary level exam testing the language competences of children and adolescents in private, school and semi-public situations. Young people can learn to communicate in a simple way in familiar, everyday situations, according to the guidelines set out under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. 87.00 Exam kit
A2 KID2 Fee €
A2 Kompetenz in Deutsch 2 is an exam assessing the language abilities of children and adolescents at an elementary level in basic, everyday communication situations. It focuses on simple, direct exchange of information about familiar, everyday life. 93.00 Exam kit

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