Financial Support

The blue federal voucher

With the blue voucher you may apply for a pro-rata refund of up to 750.00. You are eligible for this refund if within 18 months of receiving the relevant residence permit (providing no extension was applied for and granted) you took part in an Integration course (1) with an attendance record of at least 75% and passed a ÖIF exam including value and orientation components at the A2 or B1 level.

The refund is calculated as follows:

  • a) for course fees up to 5.00 per teaching unit 50% of the costs are covered;
  • b) for fees over 5.00 per teaching unit 2.50 per teaching unit are covered.

Neither form of refund may exceed 750.00 for 300 teaching units. If you complete more than one Integration course, the calculation will be applied to each course and the results added up.

How to receive a refund

Step 1
After you have attended an Integration course with us, we will fill out the voucher with the information about the Integration course for you and stamp it.

Step 2
Once you have completed the course you must pass an ÖIF Integration exam. You will find samples and online tests to help you prepare at

Step 3
Finally, send the blue voucher together with a copy of your ÖIF exam certificate and your bank account coordinates by mail to the following address:

Österreichischer Integrationsfonds
z.Hd. Bereich Sprache
Landstraßer Haupstraße 26
1030 Wien

You will find further information about the blue federal voucher at or by contacting the hotline +43 (1) 715 10 51-250 (Mondays – Thursdays 09:00 – 15:00, Fridays 09:00 – 12:00).