Workshops - Intensive German Courses

During the summer courses most of the afternoon lessons are held in the form of workshops. Apart from the beginners' classes, that have regular afternoon lessons.

For all other classes we offer a rich choice of workshops, which always have to be chosen according to the students' respective language level.

Here are some examples of our latest afternoon workshop topics:

Workshop I - Speed Dating (.PDF)

Workshop II - Grammatik Kreativ (.PDF)

Workshop III - Mein persönliches e-Diary (.PDF)

Workshop IV - Der erste Weltkrieg (.PDF)

Workshop V - Journalismus (.PDF)

Workshop VI - Spiele, Spiele, Spiele (.PDF)

... and also some other workshops we had in the years before to get a glimpse:

Wolfgang Amadé Mozart - Superstar Intermediate II
A workshop for everybody interested in Mozarts life and music. Find out more about Mozart, his time and the monarchs that ruled during that era. Get to know his friends, important women in his life as well as his rivals. Join us on a time-travel journey to the Salzburg and Vienna of the 18th century.
Austrian literature Intermediate II
There are many ways to get to know a country; one is through its literature. What and how Austrian authors write and what they think about their country will be dealt with in this workshop by means of text extracts of recent Austrian literature. Through movies, poems, prose and novel extracts the students learn about various authors and different literary genres.
Grammar for intermediate levels Intermediate I + II
This workshop deals with topics of German grammar students have most difficulties with: passive voice, conjunctions, pronouns, conjunctive, word order etc. Together, we will overcome all grammatical difficulties!
Pronunciation and conversation Intermediate I
The choice of topics is adapted to the students' interests. Besides talking about general topics the students will also learn more about different communication styles like discussions, presentations, speeches ...
Theater Workshop all levels
Start an acting career within your German course: pantomime, dance, music, comedy ... For every taste our trainers find the right thing.
You are, what you eat! A culinary journey 'round the world. Intermediate I
Cross-cultural studies go through the stomach. To eat and drink are central needs in our life. In this workshop students find out what significance eating has in different countries and cultures and how different table manners and eating habits are. Foreign culinary consumptions will be explored and examined, i.e. where does the saying "love goes through the stomach" come from. Of course a real dinner will be cooked as well and at the end a sort of cookery book, every student can take home with, will be produced.
leisure time

Info Students of one summer course together with one of our leisure time coordinators ...


Info In July our students often make a trip to Venice. They are always enchanted by its beauty.


Info A stiflingly hot day, but the trip was worthwhile.