General Information

University Course "German as a Foreign and Second Language"

Depending upon the availability of course places, all applicants from the age of 17 are admitted.

  • All students must enroll by the specific enrollment deadlines
  • Course fee(s) and additional costs (ÖH* fee € 20.20) must be paid in full by the specific deadlines
  • Participation in a placement test (first time enrollments only) at the beginning of the semester is required, except students are absolute beginners.

Course Aims

The university course "German as a Foreign and Second Language" offers German classes for students with non-German language backgrounds, enabling them to acquire German at the standard levels described in the Course Aim Regulation of the European Council and the European Language Portfolio.

Placement Test and Language Level

Only one general language course can be attended per semester. Course participants are allocated to the appropriate class (according to their language level) by way of a placement test at the beginning of the semester. The placement test is conducted before the semester starts; i.e. last week of September for winter semester and last week of February for the summer term.

It conists of an oral (you will have a short interview with one of our trainers) and a written (computer based) part. Remember to provide a valid email address, otherwise you won't be able to take the test.

We offer two placement test dates for students to choose. Course grouping finalization is made after the second placement test. Results will be available on the last Friday prior to the beginning of the semester (see bulletin board in front of the language course office).

*ÖH = Austrian Student Union

Course Offerings

In the upcoming semester the University Course offers only compulsory subjects (no special topics courses/optional subjects scheduled):

WS 2019/20 Course Lessons / Week Level
Compulsory Subjects General language classes 1 – 9 6 all levels

Proficiency Control and Grading Procedures

The overall grade results of the students performance during the course (effective classroom participation as well as passing the interim test) and of the final exam at the end of the semester. We also grade the four language skills (speaking, reading, listening, writing) separately. Please note that a negative grade (5 = failed) in one of the language skills automatically results in a negative overall grade. 

Grading Scale: 1 Excellent - 2 Good - 3 Satisfactory - 4 Passed - 5 Failed.

Attendance and Course Certificates

Only course participants who are legally enrolled (ALL fees paid by the specific deadlines) and have not missed more than three sessions and regularly participated in class are entitled to a course certificate at the end of the course.


If participants fail a course, they can only advance to the next level if:

  • they pass a revision test of the level they failed before starting in the next level
  • they provide other sufficient proof of their language skills.

Changing Classes/Course Interruption

  • Changing classes: within the first week after the beginning of course (in accordance with the course management only).
  • Course interruption: in the case of course abandonment or interruption no course fees are refunded, no exceptions!
International Students

Our course participants come from all over the world ...

Lecture hall

Info ... and their knowledge of German ranges from beginners (Breakthrough) to advanced (Mastery).Tuition language - also for absolute beginners - is ecxlusively German. Don't worry, our teachers know exactly what they're doing :-)

Download our PDF brochure (it is in both, German and English).