Calendar + Course Fee

Intensity + Schedule

Each module contains 15 ECTS-Points and consists of three parts with 72 tuition units (one teaching unit equate to 45 minutes) each. Tuition takes place every morning (Monday through Friday) from 09:00 am to 12:30 pm and twice in the afternoon (on Tuesday and Thursday) from 13:30 to 15:00 pm.

 Since courses are based on continous assessment, a minimum attendance of 80% is required for the duration of each of the three parts. 

 If you achieve the German language level stipulated in the admission letter before the end of the semester, there is no legal right to attend the remaining course part(s).

Course contents

Depending on the course level, topics include

  • everyday life,  
  • work and study,
  • current political and economic issues,
  • points of regional and cultural interest, 

and serve to develop learning strategies, to enhance the ability to work in teams, strengthen the students' personal responsibility as well as to encourage cross-cultural competence.

German Courses: Winter Semester 2019/20

ModulePartLevelFrom ToPrice €

1B1/a – B1/b


1B2/a – B2/b
Advanced I


Advanced II


Other Supplementary Subjects

Winter SemesterSummer Semester
English 1 (Part 1/2): Grammar, Writing, Listening, ...*
English 2 (Part 1/2): Projects*
English 1 (Part 2/2): Grammar, Writing, Listening, ...
English 2 (Part 2/2): Projects
Mathematics 1 (Part 1/2)*

Mathematics 1 (Part 2/2)
Mathematics 2
History 1: General outline (Part 1/2)*
History 2: Austrian historiy
History 1: General outline (Part 2/2)

Basic Principles of Geography

* English 1, English 2, Mathematics 1, and History 1 start in the winter semester!

The joint visit of the following courses 
is recommended:
- History 1 (Part 1/2) and History 2 in the winter semester
- Mathematics 1 (Part 2/2) and Mathematics 2 in the summer semester
- English 1 (Part 1/2) and Englisch 2 (Part 1/2) in the winter semester
- English 1 (Part 2/2) and Englisch 2 (Part 2/2) in the summer semester.


  • Supplementary test + attending at the course(s): 110.00 EUR for each other supplementary subject and each semester. Since courses are based on continuous assessment, a minimum attendance of 80 % is required.
  • Only supplementary test, i.e. without attending at the course(s): 50.00 EUR for each supplementary subject and each attempt.
  • More information.

 The courses of the VAAU – like our regular intensive program – consist of 24 lessons (45 minutes each) per week.

 The teaching method is communicative and involves training in the four language skills (Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading) with additional pronunciation exercises.

 The contents of the courses with usually max. 12 participants are developed by utilizing adequate instructional materials that meet the needs of the participants.