Visiting Student Enrollment

 Please note, that first time enrollments, without exceptions, must be done in person.

To make the PERSONAL REGISTRATION faster for you, you can download, print out and fill out the following registration form. Please bring the printed and filled out registration form to the PERSONAL REGISTRATION.

 From the summer semester of 2019, prospective international students who wish to apply for studies in Austria must, at the time of the application, – for degree programs in which the language of instruction is German – provide an acceptable proof of German on the level A2. If the evidence is provided with certificates, these must not be older than 2 years at the time of application! See here for further information.

Enrollments can be made by the the specific enrollment deadlines, Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 12:00 and Thursday 09:00 - 15:00 in the language course office, service building ("K"), 2nd floor, room # K.2.04.

If you are enrolling for the first time please bring along

  • a valid letter of admission, issued by the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
  • a copy of your passport (+ original!)
  • a copy of your social insurance card (e-card*) and
  • the course fee (in cash).

In order to be able to enroll, you also need a valid personal E-Mail address.

If you enroll in a consecutive semester we need

  • your student card (aau.Card**) and
  • the course fee (in cash).

As there have been misunderstandings recently regarding (re-)enrollments, we would like to point out the following, important points:

  1. Without any exception, in order to enroll for the next semester, please come to the language course office personally, by the specific enrollment deadlines.
  2. If possible, try to enroll during the first two weeks of the enrollment period.
  3. It is NOT possible to "reserve" a course place for the following semester with your teacher. Enrollment and payment of the course can only be made in the language course office.
  4. Each semester we only have a certain number of course places available. Therefore, it might happen, that the appropriate course is already fully booked, even if you tried to enroll before the deadline.
  5. Within the enrollment period we have a "waiting list". Students who are on this list will be immediately notified about a free place.

 *If you own THIS social security card please bring it along:

**The aau.Card is the electronic identy card of the Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt (AAU). It is equipped with a contactless chip for identification and also serves as an access medium. The validity date of your student card is printed on a specific field which is re-writable. You can easily update the validity at the ID card reader.

Semester Enrollment

 For all questions related to language courses please contact our office.

Semester Enrollment

 For questions regarding admission, fee for the Austrian Student Union etc. please contact the admissions and examinations office in the central building ("Z").

Semester Enrollment

 When you enroll for the first time, you will be provided with a letter called "Übernahmebestätigung" (= certificate of receipt). This letter authorizes you to pick up your personal student ID card in the admissions and examinations office.