City of Klagenfurt

Carinthia's Capital Klagenfurt - The Rose of Lake Wörth

In a wonderful setting, Carinthia's beautiful countryside you will find ...

  • numerous lakes, including the famous 'Wörthersee'
  • gently undulating hills with woods and meadows
  • mountains where you can go hiking, climbing and skiing

In a city that combines history and modern design there are ...

  • Ancient, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque monuments
  • modern theater scene and summer theater
  • classical and modern music, literature, art
  • regular events
  • numerous restaurants, cafes and discos ...

For more information see: Klagenfurt Tourismus

Klagenfurt, Neuer Platz, Lindwurm

Info At "Neuer Platz" is the wyvern, Klagenfurt's emblem and part of its coat of arms which has been there since 1593.

Klagenfurt, Pyramidenkogel

Info The observation tower "Pyramidenkogel" with its wonderful view of the lake.

Klagenfurt, Winter, Skiing

Info Surrounding Klagenfurt you will find a number of ski regions.

Klagenfurt Tourismus