Teaching Methods and Course Contents

Communicative Language Teaching

  • Language teaching in passive and active communication skills: speaking - listening - writing - reading
  • Lexical, grammar and phonetics training
  • Individual tuition
  • Continous testing of language level
  • Topical themes and authentic texts
  • Project work and creative workshops
  • Austrian cultural and geographical studies

Teaching Material

  • Text and work books
  • Authentic texts from printed media
  • Topical audio and video material
  • Self-developed learning and exercising tools available at the AAU's learning platform "Moodle"
  • as well as via "Trainingsprogramm Deutsch".

Language qualities

German in Austria is the standard German language, as spoken in all German speaking language areas. As in every other German speaking region, the German language in Austria also has its own specific qualities:

  • a smooth and melodic pronunciation
  • in addition to the entire German vocabulary it has specific phrases (Austrianisms), especially in the field of food and beverages as well as politics and administration.
  • texts by Austrian authors and the mass media reflect the cultural tradition of the Habsburg Monarchy and the language and culture of the modern republic.

Course participants

Info Maximum number of participants in all courses: 14. Only German Semester Courses allow a maximum of 22 per class.

Placement Tests

Info The placement tests are conducted on the first day of the course, except for semester courses, when tests take place on specific dates ...