ÖSD Exam Dates + Registration

 Important information - please read carefully! 

  • We offer examination dates for most levels. For each of the dates there is a specific registration deadline. Make sure to register by the deadline. If the application deadline already expired (12:00 o'clock, noon), there is, without exception, no possibility to register for this specific date. In this case you can check the ÖSD website for dates offered by other examination centers. 
  • Only candidates who have paid the examination fee in full and who have provided a copy of their passport (or another valid photo identification - driver's licence is NOT accepted) will be admitted to take the exam.
  • Candidates must bring their original ID documents to the examination.
  • If candidates fail one part of the examination (oral / written) they will only receive a certificate for the part they did not fail. A re-registration for the portion of the examination failed is possible within one year from the last attempt. There must be at least one month between the first and the second attempt. Please indicate the last attempt upon registration.
  • The examinations last between 4 - 6 hours (depending on test level).
  • Results are not available earlier than two weeks from the examination date. We do not provide information over the telephone for data protection reasons. Certificates, as soon as printed, will be sent to the mail address candidates specified in the registration form.