Business Courses

Foreign Language Courses: Seminars for Companies

Companies who care about the linguistic training of their employees, benefit from the long lasting experience of our language trainers.

We offer for all Language Levels::

  • Business English Courses
  • English Language Courses
  • Italian Language Courses
  • Russian Language Courses
  • Slovene Language Courses
  • Spanish Language Courses

After a first conversation, which is of course without obligation, we prepare a demand analysis, do placement tests with your employees and compose course material and course contents, of course always in accordance with you.

You decide about:

  • Course length
  • Course dates
  • Course contents (Attention: special contents are only reasonable on a certain language level)
Business Courses

Info Please refer to our information on possible EU incentives for small companies ...

Business Courses

Info If you wish, the seminars can of course be held in your company, just let us know!

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