Individual Tuition

Private Lessons 

We offer:

  • English-
  • Italian-
  • Russian-
  • Slovene- and
  • Spanish courses for all language levels.

Individual tuition is preferred by learners who

  • have already reached a certain language level and who would like to learn more about technical terms and/or sectoral subject areas and/or
  • do not have time to attend one of our regular courses because of professional or other reasons
  • who would like to prepare for an exam or an application.

You decide about:

  • Course length
  • Course dates
  • Course contents (Attention: special contents are only reasonable on a certain language level)

The price for one lesson (45 minutes) is € 55.00.

Individual Tuition

Info Individual tuition is the right type of course for those who do not want or cannot take part in our regular courses.

Stadt Villach

Info Please arrange a meeting without obligation with our language course office. We would like to advise you on our language courses.