General Information

Summer Academy (Conversation Classes!)

During the summer months we offer for everybody interested in learning a language (over the age of 17) the following language courses:

English: Shall We Gab? for intermediate and upper-intermediate levels 
Italiano: Quattro chiacchiere tra amici for intermediate and upper-intermediate levels
Español: ¿ Hablamos ? for intermediate and upper-intermediate levels
Slovensko: Klepet med prijatelji for intermediate and upper-intermediate levels

Course Structure + Contents

Course intensity: 20 lessons ( 45 minutes each) per week
Course length: 2 weeks.
Class schedule: Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 12:30 (4 lessons a day)
Class size: minimum 6, maximum 12 participants
Registration deadline: 2 weeks prior to beginning of course
Contents: In our conversation classes, you will practice speaking and engage actively in discussions on a wide range of topics. The course objective is to enable learners to participate fluently and confidently in groups as well as to learn and practice vocabularly and phrases useful in oral interaction.
Certificates: Certificates at the level and according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching.
Child Care: If you are looking for somebody to take care for your child or children while you attend the course, you should contact the university's Family Service. The varied weekly program offers a mixture of active play, fun and outdoor activities and is offered half-time or full-time (lunch included). As there is only a limited number of free places available please book directly at the university's Family Service until June, 15th the latest.
Leisure time program: Course participants are warmly invited to join the activities of our leisure time program. Our coordinators will be visiting you in your class in order to inform about the activities planned.
Summer Academy

Info The assessment test on the first course day assures proper course placement. 

Summer Academy

Info All of our language teachers are specially trained native speakers!

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Info On demand the university's "Family Service" takes care of your children (ages 0-12). For more information pls. contact