Rinfresca L'Italiano

Some time ago course participants of our summer academy told us that they would love to have the opportunity to refresh what they have learned during summer in form of a semi-intensive, but short-term course which should preferably take place in fall/winter, respectively in spring. No sooner said than done:

The Italian Refresher Course

was born.

Amongst others the trainers of this special course are Silvia Biazzo and Sandro Marenco, who originally had the vision of this program and are the creators of its structure and contents.

This course continues with the acquisition of a few new grammatical structures but mainly focuses on improving your communication skills for both, professional and private purposes. It is suitable for learners wo have already reached B1 level (Intermediate I).

General information

Course intensity: 15 teaching units (45 minutes each) totally
Course length: one week, five course days 
Class schedule:  3 lessons (45 minutes each) a day from 05:00 - 07:45 p.m.
Class size:  maximum 12 participants per class
Registration deadline:  2 weeks before course starts

Course Dates + Registration

Course Nr. Length Start / End Info Units Level Aim Fee Deposit Registration
RINF17 1 week 29/05/2017 - 02/06/2017
15 B1 next level € 120,00 € 50,00 Expired
Sandro + Silvia

 Silvia Biazzo originates from Pordenone, but lives in Klagenfurt. Sandro's home is Alessandria, near Milan. And guess what: For his passion - teaching - he drives hundreds of kilometers. 


 Alby - the course mascot :-)

 Verena Zudini (from Trieste) and Giacomo D'Urso (he originates from Padua). Since a few years they are a perfectly matched team.