Other – Financial Support

Summary of (possible) Financial Supports

Language Courses

Arbeitsmarktservice Kärnten (AMS)

(Carinthian Job Market Services)

In some circumstances, financial support may be available for the attendance of our courses. To find out what funding you might be eligible for and how to apply, please contact your personal advisor at AMS directly, in any case before the course starts.

If the AMS approves funding,

  • you must either pay the course fee yourself (which is usually the case) and you will receive a refund at the end of the course (the AMS calls it “measure” = “Maßnahme”) after submission of either a confirmation of participation signed by us or your course certificate;
  • or the AMS agrees to direct billing with us. In this case we’ll send the invoice for your language course directly to the AMS.

Please clarify all of this with your advisor and, above all, expressly agree that your data may be transmitted to us.

Individual Funding ÖIF

Austrian Integration Fund

The following persons who have reached the age of 15 (you must be at least 17 years old to participate in our courses!) and who are legally resident in Austria can receive funding:

  • entitled to be granted asylum
  • entitled to be given subsidiary protection
  • asylum seekers with a high likelihood of recognition in accordance with the definition in Section 68 (1) Asylum Act 2005 in the version of the Aliens Law Amendment Act 2018 (FrÄG 2018) BGBl. I No. 56/2018

Please make an appointment by phone at the language center. We will carry out a placement test with you and issue a cost estimate that you must present to the ÖIF. If there is a funding commitment, you only have to make a minimal contribution to the costs of € 45.00, the majority of the course fee is borne by the ÖIF.

Note, that only courses at the levels A1, A2 and B1 are funded.

Arbeitnehmerförderung Kärnten (BF-L2)

(for employees with permanent residence in Carinthia only)

Under certain conditions the “Arbeitnehmerförderung Kärnten” offers fundings for employees who want to attend educational programs for career development purposes, respectively for a better qualification on the job market. Please refer to their website to find out who can be sponsored and under which conditions.

For further information call 050 536-31102 or send an email to abt11.alw@ktn.gv.at.

Please note that the application must only be made to the Office of the Carinthian State Government (“Amt der Kärntner Landesregierung”).

Application deadline: For courses that are taken as part of a job-related qualification and further training, applications for funding qualification measures can only be made at the beginning of the measure, during the term and up to a maximum of 4 months after completion.

Please note the information in the guideline!

University of Klagenfurt + ÖH Social Fund

You are studying?

The University of Klagenfurt maintains over 250 partnership contracts with universities in 54 countries. For more information, please contact our colleagues from the International Office directly.

You may also be eligible for financial support from the Austrian Student Union (ÖH). Please contact the ÖH directly.

Integration Courses (ÖIF)

With the “Blue Federal Voucher” (Blauer Bundesgutschein) you can claim a proportional reimbursement of costs in the maximum amount of € 750.00. The Blue Federal Voucher must be presented to us before or upon registration! The prerequisite for receiving a reimbursement of costs is that within 18 months of the issue of the relevant residence permit (if no extension has been requested and granted) you

  • participated in an integration course with a minimum attendance of 75% and
  • successfully completed an ÖIF integration exam (including knowledge of values ​​and orientation) at either level A2 or B1.

The cost reimbursement is calculated according to the following scheme:

  • for costs up to € 5.00 per teaching unit, 50% of the costs will be covered;
  • for costs over € 5.00 per lesson, € 2.50 per lesson will be covered.

However, costs will only be covered in the maximum amount of € 750.00 for 300 teaching units. If several integration courses are completed, the calculation is applied to each individual course and the results are added up. Example: You are taking part in a 3-week intensive German course. This costs € 645.00 and comprises 72 teaching units (UE): € 695/72 = € 8.96 / UE. The ÖIF pays € 2.50 per lesson. The total cost reimbursement for a 3-week German intensive course therefore is: € 2.50 x 72 = € 180.00.

You can find more information about the Blue Federal Voucher at www.integrationsfonds.at or on the hotline +43 (1) 715 10 51-250 (available Monday – Thursday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.; Friday 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.) You can also find answers to the most important questions about the Blue Federal Voucher in the “Information sheet for migrants” that you can get here. Detailed information on the calculation and the procedure for cost reimbursement can be found here.

Procedure for reimbursing costs:

Once you have registered presenting the Blue Federal Voucher, attended an integration course with us and received a completion certificate, we will confirm this on your voucher.

After you’ve completed the course, the next step is to take the ÖIF integration exam. You can find examples and online tests for exam preparation at www.sprachportal.at.

Then send the blue federal voucher together with a copy of your ÖIF certificate and stating your account details by registered mail to:

Österreichischer Integrationsfonds
„Bereich Sprache“
Landstraßer Hauptstraße 26
1030 Wien

Integration Exams (ÖIF)


After successful completion of an ÖIF integration exam (not a language exam!), the actual amount of the exam fee – up to a maximum of € 100.00 – can be reimbursed in the form of the grant “bildungsgutschein.deutsch“. The “bildungsgutschein.deutsch” can be requested using an online form. Subsequent examination of the application is carried out by “Department 13 – Society and Integration“, which is also available for questions about the voucher. Please note the funding guidelines!


There is also the possibility of funding through the “Kick-up” project of the Carinthian adult education centers (VHS). It is necessary to contact the case managers directly. Please do so BEFORE you register for the exam!

Mag. Margit Reimüller Mag. Vanessa Kump
05 0477 7029 0676 84 58 70 200
m.reimuel@vhsktn.at v.kump@vhskt.at