Other Languages – Semester

Semester Evening Courses

General Information

Our semester program – which is open to everyone who has reached the age of 17 – has been a hallmark of quality for years. The fact that our instructors are all native speakers and can not only teach the language but also convey the culture and regional characteristics of their home country first-hand and full of enthusiasm makes our courses an authentic experience and a genuine alternative to a sojourn abroad.

This often leads to misunderstandings: Our offer is really aimed at ALL those interested in language. You don’t have to be an AAU student, although admittedly we’d be happy if you would consider it one day – maybe even after taking our courses.

Many of our course participants often enjoy the language so much that they register for a proper course of study. The admissions and examinations office will be happy to advise you. The University of Klagenfurt is definitely the right place for your further education.

We meet at the beginning of each course for a preliminary discussion, among other things to make amendments – if necessary – to the allocations. Once you’ve been allocated, swap requests are managed on a first-in, first-served basis and will not always be successful.

The class size is at least 6, maximum 12 participants per class. Flexible lessons and course dates are possible for groups of 6 or more. Please contact us if you need additional information.

Confirmation of participation: At least 80% of the total hours are required to issue a confirmation of participation. If you are unable to attend certain dates, please let the course director know in advance if possible.

This semester we have scheduled the following courses. As always, we can also offer other languages (e.g. Slovenian or Russian) as part of individual courses or – if there is a group of at least 6 people – organize group courses for you and your language-loving friends.

English in Working and Everyday Life

L’Italiano tra amici

Español entre amigos

Slovensko v Avstriji

Course Structure + Intensity

You can expect communicative language lessons with training of the four language skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading) and the following content (depending on your level):

Listening + Speaking

  • Simple conversations in everyday social situations
  • Listen to / watch and understand radio and TV programs
  • Listen to and understand short, simple stories
  • Language preparation for travel

Writing + Reading

  • Read and understand texts in newspapers and magazines
  • Read and understand simple stories
  • Write letters
  • Write simple standard documents
  • Understand and compose simple texts in the field of work

Regional studies

Information about the respective country: everyday life, art, culture, gastronomy, fashion etc.

Grammar + Phonetics

Targeted vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation training

The courses consist of a total of 24 teaching units of 45 minutes each. Lessons take place once a week with 2 teaching units per session. The teaching schedules are specially tailored to the needs of working people, so the earliest course starts at 6:00 p.m. Course length is 1 semester (four months).

We are your direct line to languages.

A Little Help For Your Self-Assessment

I have no knowledge at all, I am just at the very beginning.

A1/a: I have some knowledge but still problems.

A1/b: I can communicate in a very simple way in everyday situations and understand elementary information.

A2/a: I am able to express myself using short sentences and understand simple everyday information.

A2/b: I am able to express myself in simple everyday situations and understand the essentials of what is being said.

B1/a: I can express myself simply and coherently in most situations and understand the essential of what is being said.

B1/b: I can communicate adequately and coherently / appropriately in everyday life and in professional situations and understand the essentials of what has been said and written.

B2/a: I get along largely without problems and understand most of what has been said and written.

B2/b: I can express myself spontaneously and take part in discussions on complex topics.

I can easily understand, analyze and interpret all types of written and spoken language and recognize and make clear nuances of meaning.

If this seems too imprecise for you, you can also assign your knowledge using the grid created by the Council of Europe for self-assessment of the relevant level.

Dates, Fees + Registration

Course price: € 225.00 (24 lessons of 45 minutes each)

The price includes: placement (if necessary), course materials and confirmation of participation. Note: This often leads to misunderstandings: Without exception, discounts for teaching materials already made available (e.g. from previous courses) are not granted.

Please note that the final registration deadlines are four days before the beginning of the courses. It is possible, however, that some courses are fully booked before the deadline: We recommend you to register at least two weeks before the beginning of the courses.