Special Courses – Individual Tuition

Individual Tuition

If our regular programs don’t suit your individual needs because for instance you can only attend at certain times or you’re interested in special topics, one-to-one training is the perfect alternative. You can choose from our entire range of courses: German, English, Italian, Spanish, Slovenian and Russian as well as our special courses, such as “German for Tourism”, “Rhetoric Seminars”, “Business English” and many more.

German private lessons are preferred by learners who

  • have already reached a certain language level and who would like to learn more about technical terms and/or sectoral subject areas and/or
  • do not have time to attend one of our regular courses because of professional or other reasons
  • who would like to prepare for an exam or an application.

You decide about the course length, course dates and contents (special content is only useful from certain language levels on).

The price for one lesson (45 minutes each) is € 55.00.

Please contact us to discuss a customized program to suit your individual needs. We have a huge range of solutions and you can browse through our selection of tailored programs to see if any of these areas are ones you’d be interested in.