Language Center – Team


Our language teaching professionals …

  • are exclusively native speakers;
  • are thoroughly versed in language teaching methodology;
  • have many years of experience teaching international learners;
  • master the modern methods and techniques of foreign language teaching based on the objectives set by the Council of Europe;
  • take part regularly in training and further education events.

Our team is composed of:

  • 30 instructors for “German as a foreign language”;
  • 6 instructors for English from Great Britain, Canada, the USA, Australia and Ireland;
  • 6 instructors for Italian;
  • 3 instructors for Slovenian;
  • 2 instructors for Spanish; and
  • 2 instructors for Russian.

The language teaching program is carried out under expert guidance and with the use of the most up-to-date teaching methods. The founder of the language center, Prof. Dr. Robert Saxer, left us in March 2016 after a short serious illness. We will never forget you, dear Robert. Thank you for everything!

We work closely with the following institutes of the University of Klagenfurt: