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Preparatory Courses for Language Exams

General Information

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the world leader in demonstrating English language proficiency in all skills (Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading). IELTS exams are recognized by over 9,000 organizations in more than 140 countries. These include universities, schools, educational institutions and companies. IELTS is thus the world’s most popular English test. It is attuned to the use of the English language in the environments of study, work and leisure.

The preparatory course for the IELTS exam concerns exclusively the “IELTS Academic Test” and consists of four modules. Each module is divided into individual, intensively practiced tasks. In addition, our instructors will teach you various strategies to facilitate your approach to the test modules and increase your chances of success.

There are no formal requirements for participation in the preparatory course; however, it is important to be aware that language skills of at least B2 level are necessary to maximize the value of the course as the lessons and the course materials used are geared to this level and beyond. The number of participants per class is limited to a maximum of 12, in order to ensure optimal supervision of all learners.

Information about the IELTS exam

The test is not organized by us but by the British Council directly.

IELTS examinations can be taken at the University of Klagenfurt in cooperation with the British Council Austria. There are two exam dates per year: in early April and in October / November. Please note that the registration deadline falls 2 weeks before the respective examination date. Examination places are awarded in order of registration. The test results can be viewed online about 13 days after the exam date and will be sent by post 14 days after completion of the exam.

Fixed exam dates and online registration you can find via this link.

Test Format and Rules

  • Listening: 30 minutes (40 questions)
  • Reading: 60 minutes (40 questions)
  • Writing: 60 minutes (1st part: 150 words; 2nd part: 250 words)
  • Speaking: 11 – 14 minutes

Please bring a valid ID with photo to the exam. No other object, except a transparent water bottle, is allowed in the exam room. Please note that the security of an IELTS test is taken very seriously. As an additional security measure, your picture will be taken on the day of the test, which will later be displayed on your Test Report Form (TRF). Please carefully read the instructions you receive after registration. For further information visit www.britishcouncil.at/en

What score do you have to reach?

For each part of your IELTS test, your language proficiency is rated on a scale of 0 to 9 points.

Your Test Report Form (TRF) shows the respective score for the individual parts of the test (Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading) as well as a total score. The point scale shows whole points (for example 5.0, 6.0, 7.0) as well as half points (for example 5.5, 6.5, 7.5) for each part of the test.

Universities generally require a score between 6.5 and 7.5. Please clarify the required number of points in advance: every university, every company, etc., has different requirements.

For requirements at the University of Klagenfurt please refer to the Regulation issued by the Rectorate concerning proof of required language proficiency for admission to study programs or contact the study and examination department.

Level (CEFR)
Score (IELTS)
B1 4.0 – 5.0 Limited to Modest User
B2 5.0 – 6.5 Modest to Competent User
C1 7.0 – 8.0 Good to Very Good User
C2 8.0 – 9.0 Very Good to Expert User

Course Schedule

The preparation course lasts two weeks and includes 24 teaching units (TU) of 45 minutes each.

The schedule as indicated below is obligatory. Please note that a minimum attendance of at least 80 %, in addition to active participation, is required to receive a confirmation of participation at the end of the course.


18:00 – 19:30 (2 TU)

15 minutes break

19:45 – 20:30 (1 TU)


18:00 – 19:30 (2 TU)

15 minutes break

19:45 – 20:30 (1 TU)


18:00 – 19:30 (2 TU)

15 minutes break

19:45 – 20:30 (1 TU)


18:00 – 19:30 (2 TU)

15 minutes break

19:45 – 20:30 (1 TU)

Course Content

The course content is divided into passive (Listening, Reading) and active (Speaking, Writing) language skills. Each section is dealt with at a time (2 days per section). In addition, you will learn about the structure and procedure of the IELTS exam as well as develop strategies to increase your chances of success.

Dates, Prices + Registration

Preparation Course for the IELTS Academic Test

Please note that the final registration deadline is six days prior to the beginning of the course. It might happen however, that some classes are fully booked before the official deadline. We therefore recommend to register at least two weeks before the beginning of the classes to secure your place.