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Courses for School Groups

General Information

For many years we have welcomed numerous school classes (mostly from Italy but also from many other countries) here in Klagenfurt, who normally take a one- or two-week intensive language course.

  • We organize the course;
  • We gear course contents to the needs of the accompanying teachers or the organizers;
  • We book accommodations (on request with full- or half-board) and for lesson-free afternoons or days we provide – upon request – leisure-time professionals available to work out a program tailored to the needs of the group.

Since the cost of the course will depend largely on the number of participants, their language proficiency level and the length of the planned stay, we can not supply prices which would apply to all possible groups. Once we have received the necessary information, we will gladly prepare a corresponding offer that is specially tailored to the needs of your group. Please contact us for any questions, as we are at your disposal!

Moreover: In the event you would like to organize another foreign language course (English, Italian, Slovenian, Spanish) for your class(s), we also offer such courses with mother tongue instructors.

Structure + Content

Placement Test Before the Course Starts

Normally, we send you a placement test before you start the course, which you can already do on-site with your students. On the basis of the test results, we compile the appropriate teaching materials and divide the class according to level. In this way, we save valuable time by starting lessons on the first day of the course. If you prefer, however, the placement test and class division can be managed by our instructors.

The course program is tailored to your class(s)

If you require special contents, please let us know. Below you will find an example of a course syllabus, which we prepared in collaboration with a teacher:

“How well do you know Austria?”

  • What are the names of the states of Austria?
  • Where do you find the state capitals on the map?
  • Which countries border with Austria?
  • What is the name of the President of the Republic?
  • What political parties are there?
  • Do you know any famous Austrians?

Ask for an offer

To give you an idea, this is what a standard intensive weeklong course at “German in Austrian” looks like. (If you have other ideas, no problem, since we are flexible!)

  • Course period: Monday to Friday
  • Class schedule: Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 12:30
  • Course intensity: 20 lessons of 45 minutes each (= 4 lessons per day)
  • Course contents: 1. Training in the four language skills (speaking, writing, listening, reading), 2. pronunciation training (phonology), 3. On request special contents such as: contemporary Austrian and German literature, business German, workshops with various contents and much more.
  • Class size: We divide the total number of your students into groups of a maximum of 12 per class
  • Accommodations of the students mostly in three-, four-bed or double rooms; accommodation of the accompanying teachers in single or double rooms.

Of course, we cover the costs of accommodation and meals for accompanying teachers. On request, we will be happy to inform you how many places can be provided for teachers per class.

To prepare an appropriate offer, we need the following information:

How many persons will participate?

Which course date are you interested in?


Course Setup

Information on arrival and departure

Contact information

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