Language Center – Methods + Contents

Teaching Methodology + Course Contents

Communicative Language Teaching

The teaching methodology is grounded in the principles of communicative (speech act-oriented) foreign language teaching, as set out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and implemented in the Examination programs of the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) and the Austrian Language Diploma (ÖSD).

The primary objective is to teach language skills – in the language-productive areas of dialogic and monologic speaking and writing and in the language-receptive areas of listening and reading comprehension. The language of instruction is the target language.

  • Instruction in the four language skills: speaking – writing – listening – reading
  • Training in vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation
  • Individual support
  • Constant review of learning progress
  • Current issues based on authentic texts
  • Implementation of reality-related projects and creative workshops
  • Austrian culture studies and literature.

The topics covered in the classroom are chosen on the basis of the CEFR level of the course and the relative teaching materials. In any case, however, instructors will take into account the interests and needs of the learners in the class.

In addition, the targeted training of correct pronunciation (phonetics lessons) is ensured by the fact that instructors are exclusively native speakers and is of great importance to us at the language center.

Teaching Materials

  • Text books and work books, anthologies;
  • Authentic texts from newspapers and magazines;
  • Current audio texts (audio CDs) and videos (DVDs)

Language Qualities

German in Austria is the standard German language, as spoken in all German speaking language areas. As in every other German speaking region, the German language in Austria also has its own specific qualities:

  • a smooth and melodic pronunciation
  • in addition to the entire German vocabulary it has specific phrases (Austrianisms), especially in the field of food and beverages as well as politics and administration
  • texts by Austrian authors and the mass media reflect the cultural tradition of the Habsburg Monarchy and the language and culture of the modern republic.