Language Center – Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Carinthia’s Capital Klagenfurt – The Rose of Lake Wörthersee

Klagenfurt is located in the midst of an exceptional, world-renown natural setting. Here you will find

  • numerous lakes, foremost among them the well-known Wörthersee,
  • gently undulating hills with woods and meadows,
  • mountains where you can go hiking, climbing and skiing.

In Klagenfurt, a city that combines history and contemporary design, there are

  • monuments from pre-historic, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque epochs
  • a contemporary theater scene with summer performances
  • events highlighting classical and modern music, literature, and figurative art
  • regular entertainment events
  • numerous restaurants, cafes, discos, etc.

For further information see Klagenfurt Tourismus

Klagenfurt’s landmark, the Lindwurm, has stood on Neuer Platz since 1593. After the city tour, which we usually offer at the beginning of each course, the first photo that our course participants take is almost always taken here.

The Pyramidenkogel, the largest wooden viewing tower in the world, offers you a breathtaking view of Lake Wörth and the surrounding landscape – an impression you won’t ever forget.

If you are a fan of the cold season: In the immediate vicinity there are plenty of winter sports areas with wonderfully clear air, sparkling slopes and cozy alpine huts – of course with many Carinthian specialties.