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Proofreading + Editing

Writing error-free, comprehensible texts is no mystery.

We know how you feel. You have a brochure in your hand or have read an article, an advertisement in the newspaper or a post on Facebook, you look at websites or have just received a newsletter or even a simple email, and you think: “Is this for real?”

With some texts you can’t be quite sure. Was the writer strapped for time and unable to check the product before going public? Is it possible that he or she just didn’t know any better? If this was the case, why didn’t they look for help?

OK, for us, language – especially German – is our daily bread. Language is our profession, and we have been language-loving enthusiasts for over 40 years. We have great respect for the German language, but above all we respect those who read our texts. That’s actually what it’s all about. It’s not just a question of content – though slips here, too, are not uncommon – but also the appropriate adherence to rules and conventions, which must be observed in every language. Of course, you can do without accurate punctuation, the correct use of upper and lower case, and so on. Whether this comes across to the respective addressee as professional is another story. There is always a lingering uncertainty about the most effective formulation, even with experts. To deal with this, either you have writers’ guides at your fingertips, or you turn to professionals who edit and proofread documents quickly and reliably. Let us help you turn your writings into a business card; make them correct, stylistically appropriate and reader-oriented.

Take advantage of the many years of experience of our copy editors and present yourself to your reader convincingly with error-free and easily understandable texts. Language is a powerful instrument, but it’s an instrument you need to know how to play, and we look forward to helping do this.

By the way: Although our name is “German” in Austria, it doesn’t mean that we can’t proofread and edit your texts in English, Italian, Spanish and Slovenian as well.


  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar


  • Classic proofreading
  • Optimization of style and expression

To get a offer, please send a sample to dia@aau.at, tell us the length of your work or document, and whether you want proofreading including editing or just one of the two.