Financial Support

Arbeitsmarktservice Kärnten

(Carinthian Job Market Services)

In some circumstances, financial support maybe available for the attendance of our courses. To find out what funding you might be eligible for and how to apply for a finance, please contact your personal advisor at AMS directly.

Bildungsförderung of the federal state of Carinthia 

(for employees with permanent residence in Carinthia only) 

Under certain conditions the Bildungsförderung des Landes Kärnten offers fundings for employees who want to attend educational programs for career development purposes, respectively for a better qualification on the job market. Please refer to their website to find out who can be sponsored and under which conditions.

For further information call: 050 536-16095 / 6096 or send an email.

Please note:  

  • Applications have to be filed exclusively at the Amt der Kärntner Landeregierung.
  • Deadlines: Applications have to be filed at the earliest at the beginning of the educational program; during the program or at the latest within 4 months upon its completion.
  • Please follow the instructions given in the guidelines.


 Please inform yourself in a timely manner, i.e. before (!) the beginning of the chosen program about possible fundings.

Land Kärnten

 Refer to this website to get further information on the requirements set by the 'education funding'.


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